''O destino é uma ponte que você constrói até a pessoa amada.''

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domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

I’m no superman, I can’t take your hand and fly you anywhere you wanna go, yeah! I can’t read your mind, Like a billboard sign and tell you everything you wanna hear, but I’ll be your hero. I, I can be everything you need, If you’re the one for me, Like gravity I’ll be unstoppable. I, yeah, I believe in destiny, I may be an ordinary guy With heart and soul, but if you’re the one for me..Then I’ll be your hero! (Could you be the one, could you be the one, could you be the one for me) I’ll be your hero! Searching high and low Trying every row, but if I see your face I’ll barely know, yeah. I put my trust in fate that you will come my away And if it’s right it’s undeniable, yeah (…) So incredible, some kind of miracle and when it’s meant to be, I’ll become a hero So I’ll wait, wait, wait, wait for you, I’ll be your hero…


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